Dube TradeZone 1

Dube TradeZone's sold-out Phase 1 comprises 47 stands, all of which are level and fully-serviced.

Private sector investors in this zone include:

  • Samsung SA (developer: Shree Property Holdings)
    In a multi-million Rand deal, Shree Property Holdings has developed a mega warehouse and distribution facility for Samsung Electronics.
    Links: Samsung, Shree Property
  • Rossi SA (developer: Shree Property Holdings)
    The South African branch of the Italian parent company, Rossi SA has been operating from the TradeZone since 2014 and specializes in the manufacturing of gearboxes.
    Links: Rossi, Shree Property
  • Tufbag SA (developer: Shree Property Holdings)
    One of the largest FIBC manufacturers in Africa, Tufbag are manufacturing bulk bags, industrial valve bags, technical woven fabrics, multifilament yarns and PE inner liners.
    Links: Tufbag, Shree Property
  • HBM-SA Health (developer: Shree Property Holdings)
    The new state-of-the-art facility by HBM-SA Health Protection Services is a partnership between US-based HBM Group and SA Health.  The facility will produce 700 000 condoms per day for the local and export markets.
    Links: SA Health, Shree Property
  • Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable (developer: Shree Property Holdings)
    Yangtze Optics Africa’s purpose-built fibre optic manufacturing facility has the potential to significantly bolster South Africa’s efforts to grow exports and expand communications infrastructure. It is committed to accelerating access to broadband connectivity across the province.
    Links: Yangtze, Shree Property
  • Amsted Reelin
    Reelin Bearings, in a Joint Venture with Brenco, an American company, represents one of the largest private sector investment deal secured for Dube TradeZone 1. The deal brings on-stream one of the world’s most sophisticated bearing manufacturing and refurbishment facilities.
    Links: Reelin Bearings
  • Air Chefs
    A multi-million Rand state-of-the-art flight centre facility, which has been developed at Dube TradeZone, is leased to Air Chefs for their catering operations.
    Links: Air Chefs
  • Gift of the Givers
    This Dube TradePort Corporation development within Dube TradeZone provides leased warehousing facilities to the Gift of the Givers Foundation, the largest disaster relief organisation of African origin on the African continent.
    Links: Gift of the Givers
  • Ukuphanta Holdings
    This South African-based company's development comprises a warehouse of approximately 5 000 square metres for logistics and distribution operations.
  • DB Schenker (developer: Hodari)
    This is an estimated R80 million investment in a facility for one of the world's biggest logistics and freight service providers.
    Links: DB Schenker, Hodari
  • Laser Junction (developer: Hodari)
    This company has grown into one of the largest laser cutting and steel fabrication businesses in South Africa. Their array of high-tech machinery together with full fabrication facilities ensures that the business remains a market leader.
    Links: Laser Junction, Hodari
  • Retractaline
    Considered a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of a comprehensive range of laundry care products and accessories, Retractaline has supplied numerous international markets, including Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
    Links: Retractaline
  • iDube Cold Storage
    This multipurpose cold storage facility has the capacity to handle chilled as well as frozen cargo. It will provide high tech storage solutions to various chilled and frozen consumer products at HACCP and ISO standards.
    Links: iDube Cold Storage