Dube TradeZone is a specialist freight-orientated export environment and multi-modal logistics platform which is destined to become home to trade and logistics warehousing, cargo and other airport-related light industrial activities and geared to attract, especially, manufacturing and service-based enterprises requiring rapid access to air cargo and passenger services.

This is one of the first airport-related trade zones in the world where freight forwarders and shippers are all located within a single facility - Dube TradeHouse - offering integrated warehousing and office space and with direct airside access, via an overhead conveyor airbridge, to Dube Cargo Terminal. This ensures access by forwarders to seamless cargo flows, in turn, allowing speed and agility for tenant connection with customers and suppliers, both nationally and internationally.

Dube TradeZone forms part of the Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone (SEZ). It is an advanced export environment and multi-modal logistics platform which affords tenants premium, fully-serviced real estate, considered ideal for new-generation warehousing, manufacturing, assembling, air-related cargo distribution, high-tech aerospace services, automotive industries, clothing, textiles and cold storage activities. It is a catalyst for global business and trade, enabling the integration of supply chains and accelerating efficiencies, leading to improved business agility and ability to compete in the international arena. 

The estate's location immediately adjacent to the airport and Dube Cargo Terminal gives manufacturers, assemblers, warehouse users and distributors of air-related cargo a distinct competitive advantage by appreciably reducing transit times, goods handling and potential stock losses.

The full-sized canteen that is located in close proximity to the developments, as well as the adjacent airport terminal, address lunchtime amenities for staff operating with the precinct.

The sold-out Phase One of the development is 26 hectares in extent, and the site will increase to 67 hectares with the completion of Phase Two. Such has been the interest in and uptake of Phase One property that Dube TradePort Corporation has opted to accelerate technical work on the second phase, now with a proposed 2017 launch.

Phase three is intended to be a high-end, mixed-use development and a natural extension of Dube TradeZone located around International Trade Avenue.

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